Now what?

Suffice it to say that the Democratic party is patched together by cheap glue. Much like the country, the party is polarized and everyone wants a pice of chocolate.

Remarkably though, we want our president and government to be able to govern.

Congressional Republicans and a right-wing Supreme Court will ensure that any attempt at meaningful reform or governance is dead on arrival.

Additionally, left-wing democrats are pushing for unpopular agendas (I consider myself a left-winger). Unpopular not just in the general sense but even among many Democrats.

The system is beyond broken. The United States is on the edge of collapse, morally and politically. tRump was defeated, but tRumpism is alive and well.

That is why I am cynical when AOC gets angry at the Democratic party. Or that people think that “going to the streets” will somehow fix this rustic institution. Or change minds. Or force change. Or whatever.

The truth is, Americans will have to endure sporadic government shutdowns amid a cold civil war that maintains a status quo of paralysis – at best.

Republicans will enjoy a 6-3 majority on a Supreme Court that was already leaning more rightward than any court since the 1930s.

Richard Haass: “Everyone has dark desires, of course, but most of us would never actually act on them. Such restraint is arguably the defining feature of a civilized person. But Trump has now convinced tens of millions of Americans to embrace their inner demons – truth, decency, and democracy be damned. Nihilism has descended on the republic, and Americans have no one to blame but themselves.”

That said, tRump’s defeat is a triumph for American democracy. The moment should be savored for that reason – if for nothing else.