I’m mad as hell

I wish Trump a speedy recovery.

But I am mad as hell.

A few friends in my Facebook and Twitter orbit asked that we should refrain from criticizing the president until he’s better. Sorry, but democracy doesn’t stop breathing because the president is ill. And besides, it is precisely why I am furious.

  • For 2 months Donald Trump called the virus a hoax.
  • For 9 months he attacked scientists and health care experts.
  • For 9 months he made fun of people who wore masks, and even last week he mocked Joe Biden for it.
  • For 9 months he undermined efforts by the WHO and CDC to warn people of the seriousness of COVID-19.
  • For 9 months the president has failed to come up with a coherent and unified plan to battle COVID-19.
  • For 9 months the president has engaged in rallies and fund raisers without a mask while encouraging others to do the same.
  • For 9 months Donald Trump has instilled a policy against mask wearing and social distancing in the White house. We now know that several workers became ill and many people around the president have tested positive.
  • At the presidential debate on Tuesday, Trump’s cadre and family members refused to wear masks despite being asked by organizers to do so.
  • On Wednesday and Thursday, when Trump has experienced mild symptoms, he was at a rally in Minnesota and a fund raiser in NJ the following day. He did NOT wear a mask and didn’t warn anyone of his symptoms thus endangering many others.

For nine months, at best, the president of the United States was reckless. At worst, his behavior was criminal. As of today, there have been 7,256,234 confirmed cases in the US and 207,306 people have died from COVID-19. Many didn’t have the luxury of experimental drugs and cutting-edge medical treatment. Some couldn’t even go to a hospital because there was no room or their symptoms weren’t severe enough.

For 9 months we’ve been under attack by an awful enemy and our president failed to protect us.