I’m officially worried

I’m officially worried.

From the Democratic Party presidential debates to opinions and manifestos thrown about social media and mainstream publications—people are more concerned about a “perfect” candidate, unwilling to focus on the primary target: Getting rid of a criminal president occupying the White House. As Sean Illing, Vox, wrote: “You could watch this entire debate and have no idea a lawless illiberal autocrat is currently in the White House. That can’t be great for the Democratic Party.”
Face it: either we get off our high horse and accept WHOMEVER wins the Democratic primaries, or we’ll end up with four more brutal years of cheating, lying, ugly-to-the-bone racism and a Constitutional demolition-derby.
Politics sucks. Making decisions is painful. But this year we cannot be fussy. If your cherry-picked candidate doesn’t make it to the finish line, be courageous and accept the candidate left standing. We must get rid of this tyrant in the White House because our democracy (no less!) depends on it.
Someone on Facebook said: “I won’t compromise my principle and vote for someone that can be worse, maybe not from your perspective, but from mine.” And, the writer added: “Each candidate will be measured on their merits. The choice between the lesser evil is not really a choice. Evil is evil.”
Yes. But not this year. I thought I’d never say this, but here it goes: Evil is a relative term when Trump is the president. He managed to smear EVERY principle America stands for. His assault on our democracy and the Constitution is dangerous. We cannot afford four more years of this. Trump is a PROVEN maniac; other candidates aren’t and, therefore, should be given a chance. Even if the last Democrat standing isn’t what you wished for, the alternative has been proven worse.